We want cup (History will be made)

The Stage is set

„Every shift is your last shift – that’s the way hockey ’s played.“
-> Paradise
-> Pump Up
-> Rehabilitated

In any fight for something truly worthwhile there is that moment where challenge arises, fear emerges; you are caught off guard and take a big shot against. You fall down, battled, wounded, and a little voice whispers it was a good fight but now it is over, time to pick up the pieces, fix your wounds and cut your losses. But you refuse because there is still an ember burning inside you telling you to not give in, not give up, just push forward, keep pushing forward and break through no matter how strong the resistance. The decision to not break in these moments defines us, it allow us to grow and move closer to our goal if we are willing to sacrifice everything we are for everything we will become.

Believe this is the year. Believe this is our time. Never lose hope.

(great work Jonathan Kasper)

Wahrheit & Liebe

„Wenn ich verzweifelt bin, sag ich mir immer wieder, dass in der Geschichte der Weg der Liebe und der Wahrheit immer wieder gesiegt hat. Es mag Tyrannen und auch Mörder gegeben haben, die so schien es manchmal unbesiegbar waren, aber irgendwann wurden sie doch gestürzt. Denke immer daran, immer, immer wenn du bezweifelst, dass der Weg, den du gehst Gottes Weg ist, der Weg, den er für uns vorher bestimmt hat, denke daran und dann versuch in seinem Glauben zu leben.“ (aus dem Film Gandhi)

kicking thing called Love

I thougt, I was on my way and did things right, but then it kicked me – again, and again. I was not sure, if I kicked it before and if I had a choice to kick it or to kick it not. I only tried to be honest (especially with myself), but it kicked me – again and again. Then, when I looked back, it showed me things I did not right and times when I was not trusting in it (also in myself). I tried to do it better next time, but again it kicked me. Weiterlesen