Toast this life

lighting the lamp

Alexander Keith’s „Frozen Pub“ commercial: Toast this Life
written by Grayson Matthews featuring singer Andrew Austin
(Thanks to Samuel for finding out the name of the song)

Tried to find out the lyrics
(as I am not a native speaker, thanks for every notice concerning the right lyrics):

To start it off to say the things unsaid
we toast this life
we break and share this bread
at least we know we‘ll never be alone

Yeah, we got these bones
all here in one place
we weather every storm
we bend but never break
and we‘ll be singing
oohhohhoohhh oohhh oooh oh

Come inside and rest your weary head
it’s the coldest night
here the fire is burning red
we take this boat
and steer it through the storm
ooooooohhh oooohhh

When daylight comes we‚re singing our song
we march these streets and carry on
where common ground is all these feet have known Weiterlesen